Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays at our house. Lori loves to get the kids in their costumes; we all love her homemade chili and breadsticks, a family tradition passed down from her Mom. Here we are with our very artistic Jack 'O Lanterns. My doctor's hands had some blisters after we made these ones!

Here is a picture os Ashlynn getting ready to be the Narrator in her school Halloween Play, entitled
The Best Halloween Ever. She did a great job; she had the most parts of anyone!

Here's little Ayla. She loves dinosaurs lately, so she and her dinosaur buddies are totally engrossed in her dinosaur movie. I had a hard time getting her attention away from the tube to even take her picture!

Here's a nice picture of the sunrise as seen from our back porch this morning. One interesting aspect of living halfway to Alaska is that you get an exaggerated change in the length of day between summer and winter. Watching the sun come up at 8:00 am (7:00 after this weekend: don't forget to change your clocks!) and set at 5:30 in the afternoon is a sure sign that winter is coming to the frozen North! In midwinter, I hardly ever get to see the sun because I get to the hospital well before first light and leave my office after sunset.

The weather this week has been fantastic, though! Highs in the 60's, no wind; should be perfect for the trick or treaters tonight, so we'll be able to see the kids' costumes for a change. The weatherman says it won't last, however; we're supposed to pay the piper next week.

Lori and I don't mind, though. We're off to Orlando on Sunday for a work conference most of the week. Hello balmy Florida, here we come! We'll take some pictures to make you all jealous.


Claudine said...

It's fun to hear about you and your family. The photo of your baby watching the dinasour movie is priceless. It was a joke, putting a photo of you in those pants in my Halloween photos. Yes, I did make those lycra pants for you and you looked great. That couple you were wondering about is Brandon and Janna. There are 3 new ones today. Check them out. Have fun in Florida. Can't wait for your blog on that. Aunt Claudine

oldcowboy said...

Looks like the Idaho Prince's are having a good Halloween. My fourth graders left and Halloween just about did me in. Have fun in Florida.

Uncle Brent

Kevan and Jill said...

Clay- I totally didn't realize you had your own blog! Lori's been ranting about! But I like it and am glad you are doing it. I'm thinking you need to do a political piece. What are your thoughts and feelings on this election? I'll be anxiously waiting. Don't tell Lori I wanted you to, she'll get mad at me!

Rex and Paula said...

Cute family pictures and a beautiful sunrise. Wish we were going to FL, however we can't complain about our weather lately. Have a great time. And yes, I will be jealous looking at your pictures.

Jeppesens said...

Have a good time in Florida. We will be thinking about you on the beaches as we are stuck in the rain here in rexburg. I did not realize what a gifted writer you are. That story you wrote about your mother was very touching and elequently written. You are not only a very talented doctor but you have a gift writing. Just promise when you publish your first book you will autograph mine for me!!

Mary Z said...

Remember I am watching your log. I will know if yu are at meetings or Disney World! Have a fun break and bring back lots of info.