Friday, October 17, 2008

New Harmony Trip Over Potato Harvest

This year during the annual harvest holiday (just one of the many reasons we love Idaho) we decided to go to New Harmony to spend time with Grandma & Grandpa Prince. They promised there would be lots of fun things to do so we just decided to spend the whole week there with them. They didn't disappoint! My first few posts will be a rundown of all the things we did while we were there.

First, though: We left Saturday morning and stopped in Salt Lake to see family there and to drop off Lori and the girls. Then Nathan and I went on to Provo to see the BYU/New Mexico football game. The game itself was...let's just be kind and say anticlimactic (read: yawn), but Nathan thought it was pretty cool to actually be there in the stadium; we got there pretty early so we went down next to the field to watch the players warm up. It is amazing to see how BIG those guys are when you're looking up close! I believe it when these guys say they don't use steroids. It was their mothers that used them, while they were pregnant!

As for me, well, the experience brought back some childhood memories of when Dad had season tickets for a couple of years. He had two seats, and he would give each of us kids a turn to go with him to see a game. In those days, guys like Glen Kozlowski and Robbie Bosco were my heroes. Now they're old; Kozlowski even has a son on the team right now!

I ought to clarify here that I'm not really a true blue BYU fan. After all, I'm an alum of both Utah State and the University of Utah. But, what's a guy supposed to do? You have to be pretty thick-skinned to be a Utah State football fan, and all my years at the U did was harden my hatred for the guys in red, despite the fact that the basketball team went to the Final Four one year while I was there. (Some might think my being there had nothing to do with that, but consider that they haven't been back since I left. Draw your own conclusions.)

Plus, along with my memories of going to the games, I also have the memory of many Saturdays at home, watching the games on TV and hoping BYU would win, mainly so Dad wouldn't be in a bad mood all day. Perhaps it can be traced to these early, formative experiences (and the resulting deep emotional scars), but I do seem to always find myself hoping BYU will win (at football anyway).

The photo shown here (stolen from the Internet, not taken myself) is of Austin Collie, the wide receiver du jour for BYU this year. I've added it mainly just to test out adding photos. I plan to add some more relevant ones later on.


Claudine said...

Great Blog, Clay! Welcome to Blogger Nation. I will look foreward to seeing what you and your family are doing when you get back to Idaho. Good to see all of you again. Have a safe trip home. Aunt Claudine

oldcowboy said...

It was nice to see you. I have always been proud of you and the fact that you are a cool nephew. I look forward to reading your blog.

Uncle Brent