Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Brokeback Mountain?

One day during the trip, we became attracted to some kind of commotion going on outside. New Harmony is normally a nice quiet place, so, naturally, we went out to investigate.

In the yard, we discovered a couple dozen photographers with cameras of every possible description taking pictures of all the horses, cows, barns and such on the Prince property. They were also taking pictures of a couple guys all dressed up like cowboys, riding their horses around and posing in various situations.

Of course, we quickly arrived at the natural conclusion that this must be the Paramount film crew, "on location" for a sequel to a certain emmy-nominated cowboy movie with controversial themes. But, on closer inspection we noted that the two "main characters" out there on the horses were none other than good old Uncle Brent and his big brother, my dad Vern! So much for that theory.

Or, do you guys have something you need to tell us?

For a more truthful blog on this unusual (but highly interesting) event, click here. Or, for a really funny related YouTube video, click here.


Claudine said...

You have quite a knack for writting as does quite a few of the people in this family. Great, funny blog. Keep it up. Aunt Claudine

oldcowboy said...

You are a good writer. I enjoyed the Little Broke Back Mountain Segment. I guess you will have to get used to your dad and me being celebrities in the model industry.

Nice blog, I am enjoying it.

Uncle Brent

Vernile said...

You're just jealous because you didn't get your photo taken.