Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yippee Ti-Yo!

Growing up in Kamas, Dad kept a couple horses in the pasture in back of our house for several years. They were there mostly to provide chores for me to do, as we rarely rode them. I'm pretty sure the horses lasted for about two hours after I left. Their names were "Golden Plates" and "Chico," and I think we had one other one at some point, but I never liked him anyway.

Well, Grandpa has picked up the habit again since retiring to New Harmony. I guess he figures Uncle Brent needs some more chores, or something.

Anyway, the kids really enjoyed riding the horses during our visit. Little Ayla was constantly begging to "go outside and ride the horsey." In typical, fearless fashion, she even said, "I want to ride that big one, by myself!" Not with Mom around! No way!

Dad's horse (the bigger one) is called Duke, and Mom's is named Lola. Mom had a different one when they first got horses. I've already forgotten its name, but they bought it from a guy off the side of the road whose other sales offerings included a bridge in San Francisco, some oceanfront property near Phoenix, and six magic beans. Anyway, to make a long story short, she got a good deal, but the noble animal died tragically of "causes incident to age" not too long after the purchase. Lola is a much better ride for Grandma anyway, we think. She's already survived her first fall off from her, and it's a lot less distance to the ground!

There are a lot of pretty rides to go on in the mountains around Harmony. Uncle Brent offered to take me one day, but I declined as this trip was all about family time (which we never seem to have enough of here in Rexburg), but I'm hoping he'll take a raincheck so we can do it some other time. Next time, I'll even bring my boots! I've included a picture of them, so you can be impressed that I own some. Dad says they're not really cowboy boots, more like "work boots." We're all entitled to our opinions.

One day I had Nathan, Ashlynn, Avree, and Natalie's Kaylee on them, and I decided to lead them off the road and take a shortcut up part of Little Mountain. I thought they would think that was neat, and it really wasn't all that steep or treacherous, but it scared them all pretty bad; they were sure the horses were going to trip and fall. Avree still hasn't forgiven me.

The kids also had a fun time riding all around the roads and trails on Grandpa's four-wheelers. Nathan and Ashlynn are already starting to get the "driving bug," so of course they couldn't get enough of that!


Claudine said...

Great photos, great story. You act like you have been blogging for years. I see you posted about midnight. That is probably the only time you have to do anything. Aunt Claudine

Vernile said...

I can't believe you hac such a warped childhood... or is it your memories of it that are warped?