Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Old Man And The Sea

Dad has been back in Harmony long enough now to have rekindled old friendships, reestablished old ties, and, more importantly, to have sniffed out a couple of nice fishing holes in the neighborhood.

We took the kids fishing at a couple different ponds whose owners have been well-schmoozed (good job Dad), and had a great time catching some very nice, fat rainbows and tiger trout, and some scrappy smallmouths and bluegill. Nathan tried out flyfishing for the first time, and did well; he is definitely going to need a little help with the "10 & 2 flick of the wrist" concept. He had something more like the "8 & 5 water slap" going on. It looked more like he was pitching a baseball than casting a line! He still managed to catch a few fish, somehow. Some friends brought by A River Runs Through It tonight, so maybe we'll continue his training by watching that together.

Purists might have chortled just a little if they had seen the three of us all piled on a paddleboat, fishing tube jigs from ice-fishing poles in somebody's private puddle. (You might be a redneck if...) Let 'em laugh, though. We had a ton of fun together, and those fish were tasty breaded and deep-fried for lunch the next day. Anyway, the cattails were high enough around that pond that I'm pretty sure nobody saw us anyway!

As usual, Grandpa Vern outfished us all. His trophy was 23 inches, 5 1/2 pounds. (Hence the title of this post.)


Claudine said...

I guess this is the one that posted about midnight...........It probably took you most of the evening, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them. Keep up the good work. I like to have something to read when I get up at the crack of dawn and have nothing else to do. Have a great day. Aunt Claudine

Vernile said...

I'm still having to show the kids how to do it.