Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ashlynn's 10th Birthday

Ash celebrated her tenth birthday on May 11. She didn't want a big party this year; her only request was that we take her and a friend to the local Thai restaurant so that they could "split a mango curry." Needless to say, she's always been the most adventurous of our children when it comes to cuisine.Interestingly, though, all of our kids will eat oriental food. Nathan won't touch a hamburger, but give him Mandarin chicken or stir-fried vegetables any day of the week...We didn't get any photos at Original Thai, but picture a "little hole in the wall" place with circa 1970s floor and wall coverings, fluorescent lights, and a single row of round tables with fold-down sides. The menu is a little limited, but they have some excellent dishes, including Ashlynn's favorite mango curry, Lori's favorite Masiman curry, a delightful lemongrass soup with mushrooms, and some kind of chicken-on-a-stick appetizer (I can't remember the name) that reminds you of the little things the penguins eat in Surf's Up. And, of course, they have the classic mangoes with sticky rice dessert that we all love; we didn't get it this time because we had cake and ice cream waiting at home, but my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Here's a couple pictures of Ash blowing out her candles. She almost smoked us out!Going along with the Asian theme of her birthday (I guess) she asked for coconut cake, which is something I really like but not something kids usually dig (more of an adult taste, wouldn't you think?) She obviously likes it, though. It is a white sheet cake infused with coconut milk and with whipped cream and shredded coconut on top. Yet another of the amazing recipes Lori has picked up over the years.

She got her ears pierced over the weekend in Salt Lake; we made her wait until she was ten but she wasn't about to wait one minute more, and certainly not until she was 55 like her Grandma Elma Lynne. Apparently she was trembling until they did it-both ears at once-but said later it was no big deal. These photos were on Lori's camera; I wasn't allowed to come along. This rite of passage is "girls only," I take it.Her friend, Alison, who also waited until she was ten, had it done a few weeks ago, so they're excited to share earrings. Ash got a bunch of new ones for her birthday.
The present she asked for was a "rip-stick." I'm not sure whose idea this little beauty was, but I am sure that whoever engineered it wanted to make sure of at least one thing: that no adults could ever ride one. Think about it, have you ever seen an adult swivel-hipping it down the street on one of these things? I'm pretty sure it is physically impossible for anyone over about 16 years of age; I don't understand how kids get the hang of it so quickly. It's like a double amputee trying to ride a unicycle with a bent wheel, or something like that. On the bright side, at least she isn't asking for a cell phone...yet.It is so hard to believe my little girl is growing up. She hasn't shed little-girlhood totally, but I am starting to see the signs and I can hardly believe it. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, spunky girl who is so full of energy and life. Everywhere we go people comment on her beautiful red hair and her gorgeous smile, which really can just melt you! Her constant giggles keep us all smiling, and we are thankful she is part of our family.