Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skiing at Kelly Canyon

Lori's sister Jill came to visit over New Year's, and we all went skiing at Kelly Canyon, a nice little ski resort that's only a half hour from our house. We all had a great time even though it was windy and the snow wasn't great.

Avree and Jason spent a couple hours in ski school, and afterward Avree was ready to go on the lift and down the bunny hill! I was proud of her, because she is quite timid by nature, and I was surprised at how well she did on the hill. She was pretty tired at the end of the day, and ready for a nice cup of hot cocoa!

Here she is with her instructor. She was really nice!

Here's a picture of Nathan starting a run on his snowboard. He is getting really good! He loves to play in the snow, and when he isn't snowboarding or sledding, he's out making tunnels and forts with his friends. Rexburg's climate doesn't get him down!

Ash keeps getting better, too. Here she is lying exhausted at the bottom of the hill after several fantastic runs. The kids don't have the "get out of school ski school" until middle school, so she hasn't even done that yet but she is already doing really well! I'll bet she'll want to switch to snowboarding before too much longer. That seems to be what all the kids like to do any more.

Here's Kevan acting like an x-games pro! Kevan is really good at all these kinds of sports. He is good at skateboarding, rollerblading, and loves to play ice hockey too. All he needs now is long curly orange hair!

It was Jill's first time, so she was just finding her "sea legs." It was her first outing, and she did just fine. She'll probably start doing backscratchers next time. That's Kevan in the background. I'm pretty sure his cell phone is in his hand in case he needs to call 911.

Lori looks really cute in her ski bunny clothes, don't you think? She really loves to ski and she signed up to be a parent chaperone for Nathan's ski school on Wednesdays this month. What that really means is that in exchange for riding on the bus and helping put everyone's boots on, she gets to ski free for half a day. That girl has always known a good deal when she saw one! (I did it last year with Nathan when he went on Tuesdays, which is my day out of the office.)

I didn't get any pictures of me, but I was proud of myself just for not wiping out and reducing my new camera to a million parts laid out all along the ski hill. I also somehow managed not to take any of Jason. It was his first time, too, and if genetics plays any role, he'll be thrashing the slopes before we know it!


oldcowboy said...

Looks like a fun day Clay. Glad you and your family had a great time.

Uncle Brent

Claudine said...

Great blog, Clay! It's neat to make sure your kids know how to ski and snowboard, espically when you live so close to a ski resort. Brandon and Janna and their kids go skiing too. Me? I'm too scared to ride the ski lift up to try and ski down. I like reading about other people though. Aunt Claudine

Vernile said...

Kind of reminds me of trying to teach three kids to ski at Pine Creek about 30 yers ago.

Allyson said...

Looks like fun! I've never been skiing before!

Jeppesens said...

It is such a fun thing to be able to do with your family. Too bad the prices have tripled since I was a kid. Looks like you guys had a great day. I love the cougar hunt pics. Sounds like you guys had a good adventure!