Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avree's Birthday Party

Avree's birthday is on January 12, so this post is a little late in coming. She wanted to have a bowling party, so we loaded up a bunch of her friends and went to the Rex for a fun-filled evening of youthful chaos. (And the kids had a good time too!)

Two of the best things ever invented are "bumper-bowling" and "bowling by the hour." There are no bad rolls in bumper bowling; everyone's a champion! We didn't have to worry about getting all those kids through their round; after the hour was up, the lights went out and it was time for cake. How perfect is that?

Ayla has an unusual bowling style. After she pushes the ball down the lane, she likes to watch it hit the pins while laying face-down on the smooth hardwood.

And, of course, she needs some knuckles at the end. Yeah, baby!

Lori used her airbrushes and highlighting pens to slave for hours over this beautiful cake! (She also had a little help from Mr. Albertson.)

At the bowling alley, they also make really good ice homemade cream, right there on the spot, using liquid nitrogen. (He wears the chemical diagram on his shirt for credentials, in case you thought he was using something else. Freon, perhaps?) You can get any flavor you want, and it actually tastes really, really good! And you thought liquid nitrogen was only good for freezing off those big, ugly warts!

It is hard to believe my Avree is six years old already! She is an amazing little girl, and we all love her like crazy!


Allyson said...

Happy birthday, Avree! It looks like you had a blast! Wish we could have been there!

oldcowboy said...

Happy Birthday Avree


Uncle Brent

Claudine said...

Looks like a pretty cool bowling alley. Is it brand new? So much fun for the kids. Happy Birthday, late!!!

Jillyn Whitehead said...

Wow! Looks like Aunt Jinny really missed this one. Where has the month gone? It looks like everyone had a good time. I know today is Nathan's birthday. Happy 12th big man. How come these kids keep getting older and yet I stay so fresh and young? I'll get the cards in the mail tomorrow. Bad Aunt Jinnie, bad....

Vernile said...

Bonka and Granpa wish we could have been there to celebrate. Grandma thinks maybe she could beat me at bowling with those bumpers!

Vernile said...

That would be Bonka and Grandma.