Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Make it Snow

So, after our whiteout Christmas, we have had a January thaw with an associated 3-4 week "snow drought." This has concerned the kids, mainly because it's pretty unlikely the school will declare a "snow day" out of school without any snow.

They tried good old-fashioned prayer for a while, even disguising their appeals to a higher power as an altruistic plea "that we might have moisture for the farmers."

Well, that wasn't working, so of course they have had to get more creative in their approach. When you want something done right, do it yourself, right?

With this in mind, Avree, our six-year old, was having an in-depth discussion on the subject with her friend Lincoln the other day, who informed her that if you want to make it snow, all you have to do is sleep with your pajamas inside out. (I mean, geez, everybody knows that!) Here she is in her bed earlier tonight, trying for a repeat performance.

And, apparently, if you want to be extra sure, you also sleep with two (not one, not three, TWO) wooden spoons under your pillow, like this:

Avree gave it a try the other night, and sure enough, we awoke to a couple new inches in the morning. Not enough to cancel school, but it was a start. Well, tonight even Ashlynn has bought in. (Nathan, so far, isn't about to try it. He's playing the part of the cool, rational older brother who is way too cool for this sort of thing. I can tell he's watching it all with an interested eye, though. I mean, a day off school is a day off school, right?)

I'm planning to go skiing at Targhee tomorrow. I wonder if we have any more wooden spoons in the drawer!

UPDATE: (1/27/09) Sure enough, snow day today! We got a call from the school district this morning (at 6:00!) informing us school had been cancelled "due to extreme cold." It was -10 degrees at the airport this morning. It is also snowing, but only lightly.

I really should have turned my jammies inside out, since it was -20 at Targhee this morning, so I couldn't go skiing as planned, unless I wanted to come home a popsicle. Next week!


Mary Z said...

Those are dedicated "I want a snow day" kids. I willput a couple of spoons under ourpillows tonight to help them along. However I do not know if I can turn my pj's inside out and be able to sleep.

Rex and Paula said...

That is the cutest thing ever. I have a 19 year old living in Cedar that would love to know if there is a reverse to that trick. She HATES it when it snows. She just texted a picture today of the white stuff and assured us it had snowed at least 17 feet. Ask Avree if her friend knows how to make it STOP snowing.

Vernile said...

I agree with Paula. Maybe if we sleep without pajamas and put a butcher knife under the pillow... Wow! That sounds like the plot for a horror movie. At least the sun is shining here today and we should have lots of mud by afternoon.

The skiing does sound fun though, even to an old man. Wish I could be there to race Nathan!

oldcowboy said...

St. George even had a snow day this year. We DON"T want another one!!!! We have to make our snowday up on one of your spring break vacation days. Fun Blog Clay. I read it to my fourth graders!

Claudine said...

What a cute blog. We just got dumped on yesterday. It snowed all day long and we got about 12-14 inches. Now, today there isn't a cloud in the sky and it is beautiful. I enjoy your blogs. Keep up the good work.