Saturday, March 14, 2009

The (New & Improved) Rexburg Medical Center

My medical office has undergone a major renovation/expansion over the past year and a half or so, which was finally completed in November. The building was completely redesigned for efficiency, and to maximize our space usage.The first thing we did was convert our record-keeping system to electronic. We have been using a system called eClinicalWorks for 2 years now. It was an expensive changeover, but well worth it, I believe. It has created a lot of efficiencies for us in our day-to-day processes, and the usable space we gained by getting rid of our paper records more than pays its expenses.We added some new space, most of which has been leased to a group of Physical Therapists and to a local General Surgeon, Dr. Coray.
The PT group has a whole suite for kids downstairs, and they have this cool climbing wall with a mural of the Tetons painted on it. This would be the coolest part of the building, except...This is our new 350 gallon saltwater fish tank. Granted, it doesn't look like much yet, but it is a work in progress; soon it will be teeming with sea life of all kinds, including fish, of course, but it will also have corals, starfish, anemones, sea snails, and other kinds of aquatic wonders, sort of like this similar tank at our local hospital.
Anyway, having a saltwater tank in my place of employment has given me the "SCUBA bug" all over again. I'm going to need to spend some time underwater in the near future, somehow.

Now we have all our exam rooms in one place, in a sort of oval configuration, with the nurses' work station in the middle. Check in and check out are in a totally different place, and redesigned to provide more privacy for patients. The only place in the whole building that is in the same place is xray; we kept them in the same location because all of the lead-lined walls are really expensive to move. All in all, this has been a much more efficient way of doing things.We have also added a separate suite for "DermaChic," which is our skin care clinic that does laser hair removal, Botox injections, and that sort of thing. And, our latest addition is the "RMC Wellness Center," where we provide medically supervised weight loss and other preventic health care services. We have some additional space to rent, and a dermatologist has recently signed a lease for that space, so we'll be all full again.
I think the floor coverings, paint colors, and all the other trimmings are very well done and really add a new touch of class to the office. Most of our patients seem to think so too, although I did get one comment recently from a patient who really misses the "homey" atmosphere we had before. (Personally, I think if your doctor's office feels "homey" to you, you might want to try to spend less time there. Just a thought.) And, of course, we have always had the best staff anywhere, so that isn't any different at all!I am really appreciative to Dr. Zollinger and Mary for all of the blood, sweat, and tears they have invested in the new and improved Medical Center. They really stuck their necks out, and I hope it pays off for them; I think it will.
As for me, I am still really excited every time I go to work there, and think it is a great place to build a strong and stable medical practice for many years to come.


Dream Weaver Family said...

It is a beautiful place, and very well put together! I'm sure you have some of the best employees there ever, buttttt your staff friends in the E.R. I'm sure, are just a touch more awsome. Those are some great pictures taken of the "NEW" medical center.

Mary Z said...

Cool post. I LOVE the picture on your blog of the sun coming up over the Tetons. Good job.

Kevan and Jill said...

It looks fabulous! Why haven't I seen it all yet? Apparantely I don't spend enough time up there anymore. Dang kids in school, it really messes everything up!

Claudine said...

Way good blog! I also love the photo at the top of your blog of the sunrise in Rexberg. And.....the photo of you and the newborn baby. What kind of room is that with the picture on the wall and the cute red chest at the top of the bed? Cool! Looks like a place where I would like to work. I'm happy for you that you have such a great place to work.

Vernile said...

Kind of a nice re-run of the tour you gave us in December, except that the tank now has water in it. Maybe the fish will be at home there by the next time we visit.

They have done a great job with the renovation. Somehow the quality of the place you work seems to reflect on the people who work there, both in how they see themselves and how others see them.

I guess we can expect to see you be a lot more productive and professional now!

oldcowboy said...

I am glad you have such a nice place to work in and they are lucky to have you there as a great doctor. I am proud of you Clay! You have done well with your life.

Uncle B.

Bingham Family said...

....and I quote, (Personally, I think if your doctor's office feels "homey" to you, you might want to try to spend less time there. Just a thought.)....

Classic Princy! What was that you shared with me while moonlighting at the U...."uh, patient you are going to DIE if you don't stop smoking! or the ever-classic "your not overweight you are fat and if you don't change your diet you will DIE!"

I love the Princy & could only hope for a doctor with as much candor.

Miss and Love you too Man!

Jeppesens said...

Well glad to see that your bluntness has not changed from residency. I think that is what makes you the great doctor you are. Those are great pictures of the office. I feel so lucky to be part of such a great practice. By the way rebecca, we are as cool as the ER:)