Monday, February 2, 2009

Nathan Playing Hoops/Ash Dancing

Nathan is a pretty good basketball player, and he really enjoys playing on his team this year. Here are a few photos of him in action!

Basketball probably isn't the best sport for him to pursue, though. Neither Lori or I hit puberty until we were like 22 years old, so here in a year or so when all his buddies start to grow, he's highly likely to start feeling like a midget.

Ashlynn had a dance performance last night; her group performed during halftime at the local high school girls basketball game. She has really gotten good!

Isn't it amazing to watch your kids grow up and see all the cool things they can do?


Mary Z said...

Boy the fun is just starting for you guys. Just kidding, we were attending all of those events. How quickly it comes and goes. In a wink.

Claudine said...

I love to see what your kids are doing. I love the outfits the girls have on. Usually the dancing girls are half dressed and it makes me so mad. They're darling.

Vernile said...

Wish we could be a little closer to watch them grow. Sometimes it may seem like it takes forever, but when it is over you will think it goes by way to fast. Looks like you are making good use of the camera.

Kevan and Jill said...

I just love those kids! They are so cute! Don't tell Nathan I said he is cute. He looks good on the court. Ash just looks beautiful! Did you take that picture of the moon over Rexburg? It's really cool!

Jeppesens said...

Looks like the beginning of many weekends spent in gyms watching your kids. Hope you had a great time skiing.